Woodland Voices Choir World Harmony Lisvane Memorial Hall

New choir in Cardiff - World Harmony Lisvane

For everyone who likes to sing, whatever you think of your voice – this is for you!

No auditions, no sheet music, no pressure. Just fabulous harmonies and a lot of fun.

Previously known as “Woodland Voices” we used to meet in Bridge Cottage in Llanishen, but we’ve now outgrown our venue and are meeting in Lisvane Memorial Hall.

People come along mainly to have a good time and enjoy using their voice – people always say how good it makes them feel! 

Led by Sue Ellar – a member of the Natural Voice Network

Find joy through singing!

Singing in a group will give you that feel-good factor. The songs we sing are often so lovely they give us tingles of joy, and yet they’re so easy to learn.
The rich sound is made entirely by voices singing together in harmony (a cappella). The beauty of singing in harmony is that there will always be a part that is perfect for your own voice and doesn’t feel like a stretch to sing notes that are too high or too low. 
There’s no sheet music and no auditions. It does not matter what kind of voice you have – even if you think you can’t sing. Each time your confidence in your voice will grow. 

What my members are saying!

“It is something that anyone can join in with and is a lot of fun. There is no music to learn, we are just singing for pleasure.”

“I come away with a clearer mind and energised as well as enriched by the lovely sounds of singing in harmony.”

“With Sue’s patient and excellent tutoring, we are singing in harmony within minutes – this gives us a huge boost and it is a lovely way to interact with people.”

“It’s inspiring and lovely to take part in different harmonies, stretching yourself and your abilities, learn international songs that I would otherwise never hear.”

“We really enjoy singing over Zoom. It lifts our spirits during lockdown.”

“Thank you for these lovely moments spent together.”

“I felt so much calmer afterwards. This should definitely be part of any wellbeing programme.”

“The Zoom choir is a fantastic and uplifting group to be a part of; it doesn’t matter what has been happening that day or week.”

“Sue made it so easy to learn tunes & words quickly.”

How we carried on singing together over the lockdown

How blessed we are that we were able to stay connected during the more challenging times!
Check out some of the videos.